WP1: «Project Management & Coordination»
Deliverable 1.1 Preparation Activities
Deliverable 1.2 Project Management and Progress Reports
Deliverable 1.3 Project Meetings

WP2: «Communication & Dissemination»
Deliverable 2.1 Communication Plan
Deliverabe 2.2 Development of dissemination material
Deliverable 2.3 Development of project website and content update
Deliverable 2.4 Publicity events and Conferences
Deliverabe 2.5 Social Media Plan and Project Promotion in Social Media

WP3: «Fostering Innovation through Opportunity-Driven Entrepreneurship»
Deliverable 3.1 Selection and Evaluation of Teams
Deiverable 3.2 Trainings on Opportunity-Driven Entrepreneurship (Soft Skills, Design Thinking and Business Skills)
Deiverable 3.3 Mentoriship Innovative Ideas
Deliverable 3.4 Innovation and Technology Fora

WP4: «Supporting Innovative Ideas»
Deliverable 4.1 Operation of innovation spaces
Deliverable 4.2 Study visits to co-working / co-living spaces
Deliverable 4.3 Development of cross-border digital directory of IT ecosystem
Deliverable 4.4 Organisation of meetings and events