INNO-ECOSYSTEM: We have winners!

The INNO-ECOSYSTEM project, a collaborative effort supported by European co-funding, has been a beacon of creativity and learning for young talents in the field of digital product design. From educational programs to intense hackathons, it has provided a platform for innovation, collaboration, and growth.

1. Educational Program (November 3-5 & 10-12, 2023)

The Educational Program was an immersive experience led by seasoned experts in Digital Product Design. Participants delved into every stage of idea transformation, from initial research and analysis to the final design. Here, they gained valuable insights into digital solutions, understanding the intricacies, risks, and challenges involved.

2. Local Hackathon (November 10-12, 2023)

During the Local Ideas Marathon, participants rolled up their sleeves for a 48-hour intensive session. Guided by specialist consultants, they refined their ideas, honed their skills, and prepared compelling presentations. The stakes were high—the top two winning teams secured tickets to the next stage.

3. Transnational Hybrid Hackathon (November 19-21, 2023)

The grand finale—the Transnational Hybrid Hackathon—brought together winning teams from participating countries. Over 48 intense hours, they competed head-to-head, blending creativity, technical prowess, and teamwork. Only one team would emerge victorious, claiming the ultimate title.

And the Winners Are…

Local Hackathon Winner: “Offer2Go” Team

The “Offer2Go” team stood out with their innovative approach, demonstrating exceptional problem-solving skills!

Transnational Hackathon Champion: The “Boscurance” team

In a nail-biting showdown, the “Boscurance” showcased their brilliance!

The INNO-ECOSYSTEM project has not only nurtured talent but also ignited a fire for innovation. As we celebrate the winners, we look forward to witnessing their impact on the digital landscape. Congratulations to all participants, mentors, and organizers—it’s your collective passion that makes projects like INNO-ECOSYSTEM thrive! 🚀🌐