SEPVE successfully organized a side event in the framework of the INNO-ECOSYSTEM project!

The Association of Information Technology Companies of Northern Greece (SEPVE) successfully organized an engaging side event in the framework of the INNO-ECOSYSTEM project!
On Wednesday, November 22, 2023, the Dock Six II room at the Porto Palace Hotel and Conference Center in Thessaloniki buzzed with energy as participants gathered for this pivotal occasion.
The side event was implimented in the larger context of the 4th Industrial Revolution Forum, held on November 22 and 23. Distinguished scientists, industry leaders, and visionaries converged at the Porto Palace Hotel & Conference Center to explore the transformative power of technology.
At the heart of the side event lay a crucial objective: to emphasize the significance of collaboration and networking between IT talent and the IT industry. As the digital landscape evolves, fostering meaningful connections becomes paramount. The INNO-ECOSYSTEM project recognized this need and curated an event that would catalyze interactions, spark ideas, and create lasting partnerships.
The agenda was designed to showcase the actions of project partners within the INNO-ECOSYSTEM framework. Participants had the opportunity to learn from real-world examples, gaining insights into effective strategies and best practices.
Three distinguished speakers graced the stage, sharing their expertise and experiences:
Todor Miladinovski (Centre for Development of Vardar Planning Region)
Marijiana Milevska, PhD (PREDA Plus)
Ioannis Feneris (FromScratch Studio)
The INNO-ECOSYSTEM side event left a lasting impression!
The 4th Industrial Revolution is not just a concept—it’s our reality, and together, we shape its trajectory.