On Thursday, November 23, 2023, the Final Conference of the INNO-ECOSYSTEM project unfolded within the elegant confines of the Dock Six II room at the Porto Palace Hotel and Conference Center (located at 65, 26th October Street, Thessaloniki 546 28).
This momentous event was seamlessly integrated into the broader context of the “4th Industrial Revolution Forum,” a two-day technology symposium.
The primary objective of the final conference was to comprehensively present the INNO-ECOSYSTEM project, shedding light on its multifaceted aspects. Attendees gained insights into the project’s activities, overarching objectives, and tangible results.
Distinguished speakers, meticulously selected from the INNO-ECOSYSTEM project, graced the conference agenda. Their detailed presentations elucidated the project’s intricacies, emphasizing both its vision and practical outcomes.
Beyond the main speakers, the event welcomed members of the winning teams from the local and transnational Hackathon—an integral component of the INNO-ECOSYSTEM project. These talented individuals shared their firsthand experiences, reflecting on their participation in various project actions, including the training program, local Hackathon, and transnational Hackathon. Moreover, they unveiled the innovative ideas they had cultivated during these dynamic initiatives.
As a fitting finale, each member of the participating teams received an official Certificate of Participation, recognizing their invaluable contributions to the INNO-ECOSYSTEM project.

The Final Conference served as a nexus of knowledge exchange, fostering collaboration, and propelling innovation—a testament to the project’s collective vision and unwavering commitment!